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Gait Analysis & Orthotics

At PhysioFit, we are able to assess your gait (walking and running style) and foot pressures with our Portable FootScan to compliment the comprehensive foot and ankle Assessment we offer. This can help us to rehabilitate foot and ankle injuries more thoroughly as well as a range of other problems to knees, hips, lower back etc. For those not injured the gait analysis can help to understand your gait and biomechanics better to help prevent injuries or to improve running and sporting performance. As part of the assessment we can also give guidance on appropriate footwear and provide a range of orthotics / insoles if needed.

The technology we use is simple, comes from the internationally renowned Running Lab in Europe of which legendary athlete Mo Farrah attended at the end of 2019. UK marathon specialist Paula Radcliffe is currently the Ambassador for this technology and the orthtoics that can be provided from the data analysis it collects.

This technology was the first in the World that captures static (standing still) and dynamic (movement) data from walking, running and standing, which it can also automatically transfer into fully custom 3D printed orthotics / insoles if needed. These orthotics / insoles were in 2018 voted best start-up 3D printed product globally and are now used by a host of famous international athletes. We can also provide insole for cycling and different types of skiing boot!

We are the only ‘experts’ providing this unique service in the Channel Islands.

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The best reference is a good word from a client or two

I have used the guys at PhysioFit for several injuries, their knowledge and attention to detail is second to none. Having seen many Physiotherapists over the years you can tell immediately these guys know what they are talking about.


I wanted to complete the London Marathon in 6 hours, but I developed hip pain from not being a natural runner. The treatment I received was excellent along with the support and encouragement I was given. Through my training and new orthotics my preparation for the race was amazing.


I have had orthtoics for 6 weeks now and my knee pain has gone. I just ran a PB at the Park Run, something I had struggled to achieve for the last 18 months!


I was slightly nervous not having had Physiotherapy before, but I felt really at ease. I did my exercises and the shoulder pain I had for the last year has now disappeared, I can sleep on my side again!



Adam and Aaron formed PhysioFit through their enthusiasm for Physiotherapy and a common value of constantly learning and trying to improve their own skills and the services they offer. PhysioFit is already one of the leading Physiotherapy Practices in Jersey.

ADAM FOSSEChartered Physiotherapist
Adam is a Chartered Physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience and has a BSc (Hons) in Sports & Exercise Sciences and a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy.
AARON MASEFIELDChartered Physiotherapist
Aaron is a highly skilled Chartered Physiotherapist with over 15 years working within an outpatient setting and a variety of musculoskeletal disorders.